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eWoodShops was created for the individual who needs a part created out of hardwood but may not necessarily have all the tools to get the job done. Maybe a specific size shelf, a set of table legs or a even a table top.

Soon you will be able to use our application to select the hardwood species, determine the dimensions and use any of our virtual tools to create a custom part. Because you only buy the wood you need and won't have to buy a tool to do a one time job, eWoodShops could save you hundreds of dollars.

Tools that you will be able to use include the router for edging profiles, dado cuts for grooves, drill for holes, dovetail joints, the ban saw for scroll patterns and even biscuit cuts. Look on the tools menu for a more complete description of each tool.

Look for the Custom Parts Creator to be added to this web site soon.

In the mean time if you need a part created please email us so we can provide you with a quote for your part.