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Wood Kits

Furniture at eWoodShops can be purchased in kit form. Kits can be found under the Menu item Wood Kits. These kits are not the typical knock down variety often found at department stores. Each kit is cut by a single craftsman and produced from solid hardwoods. Once assembled and finished these pieces of furniture are destined to become heirlooms that will be handed down from generation to generation. We offer 3 different levels of kits;

Level I - This kit is completely cut, sanded and is ready to be assembled. The only tools required are clamps, glue and a screwdriver.

Level II - This kit is completely cut, but saw marks and and pencil lines may still exist from the craftsman who cut your kit. This level of kit is designed for the individual who is willing to spend a little more time and elbow grease to complete the kit. Tools required to complete this level include a sander, sandpaper, screwdriver, glue and clamps.

Level III - This kit has been properly dimensioned for each piece, however the joinery cuts such as mortises, tendons, dovetails or routing have not been completed. This level of kit is designed for the individual who has a good knowledge of woodworking and has the proper tools to complete the required joinery.